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Teflon Bellow Seal
(TYPE - TI15T)

Teflon Bellow Seals which are particularly suitable for chemically corrosive environments. We are catering Teflon bellow seal which is at par with international standards and available in varying sizes of 12mm to 100mm. temperature ranges of -30 Deg C to 200 Deg C apart from this, we are also offering customized solutions in accordance with the specifications of the clients.


Used in acids, alkalis & extremely corrosive services.


Seal Faces : GFT / Sic. / Carbon vs Ceramic / Sic.

Secondary Seals : PTFE / BELLOWS

Metal Components : SS-316 / SS-304 / Hast-C

Operating Limits

Shaft Diameter : 18 to 100mm

Pressure : up to 5 Bars

Temperature : -20 to 80°C

Speed : up to 25 m/s