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Cartridge Seal
(TYPE - TI33C)

Cartridge seals are self-contained units consisting of a shaft sleeve, seal & gland plate. The unit is fitted on to the pump shaft as a builtassembly,and no further fitting is required. Cartridge seals are an attempt to over-come the fitting problems of conventional seals.They are supplied in single and double form, and the gland plate is often fitted with various tappings to provide for flushing, cooling water injection, & disaster control.

Key Features

Pre-assembled Mechanical seal, Makes installation procedure fast & simple.


Generally used in for handling highly corrosive chemicals, high Temperature applications, etc.


Seal Faces : Ceramic / Sic / Carbon Vs Ceramic / RB Sic. / TC

Secondary Seals : Viton / PTFE / GFT

Metal Components : SS-316

Operating Limits

Shaft Diameter : 25 to 150mm

Pressure : up to 35 Bars

Temperature : -20 to 300°C