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Dry Running Agitator Seal
(TYPE - TI85A)

Dry Running Mixer Seals is a multiple spring externally mounted,Reverse Balanced Sealwith O-ring as secondary sealing member. Dry Running Agitator Seals are available with cartridge, non-cartridge & with bearing assembly. Dry Running Seals design eliminates the need of auxiliary equipment for cooling & lubrication that is required for mixer application.Since there is no use of barrier fluid, thus eliminates the possibility of product contamination. Dry Running Seals don’t require any external media for lubricating the faces, that is why they are known as dry running seals.


Used in top entry mixer vessels in pharmaceuticals & chemical industries.


  • Simple, rugged drive design that withstands shaft movement vibration & deflection.
  • Seal design eliminates the need of auxiliary equipments for cooling & lubricants for mixer application.

Operating Limits

Shaft Diameter : 25 to 100mm

Pressure : up to 1.40 MPa

Temperature : -10 to 150°C

Speed : up to 1 m/s